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Suren Aivasian

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Suren was born in Moscow in 1958.He was graduated from MGPI of Lenin in 1983 (artistic and graphic faculty).In 1985 Suren went to Altai, but in 1989 he was back (he don't know what for). Since 1984 he had been a excellent member of "Vieled Society of Total planting in greenery". In 1998 Suren got a diploma of Russian Art Academy.

Personal exhibitions:
-1995 "A trip along Green river", CHA, Moscow,
-1996 "Green garden", black and white collection, CHA,
-1997 "Silentium" 850 of memory Moscow trees,
-1997 Gallery "Beliaevo", "Ismailovo", "Pheliks",
-1998 "Garden", CHA,
-1998 "Viatsky vacation", State Institute of Art science,
-1999 "Auction Sotbis-Art-Link, Chicago,
-1999 "A man lives like a grass grows", CHA,
-2000 "A grass of Eurasia", Maneg.

Other Information

Category: Paintings

Media:Oil on Canvas

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