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Andrei Smirnov

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Andrei Smirnov was born october 23, 1975.
1993 - graduated from the Moscow secondary art school under the Suricov institute;
1993 - entered the Suricov institute;
1994 - took part in youth exhibition in CHA (Central House of Artists) and in the hotel "Balchug" with gallery " Moscworechye" after which was sent down from the institute;
1994 - entered the Stroganov institute;
1995 - was exhibited in the gallery "White palace" at Ostrozhenca;
1995 - took the documents and entered the art academy by the name of I. Glazunov;
1996 - showed off at house of Moscow government with company "SMIRWALD";
From 1996 till 1999 - took part in six Antique salons at Crimean Bank (CHA);
1997 - was taken as a carver on the stone for work with the Temple of Christ, The Saviour (fretted front window on the west wall and fragments of iconostasis);
From 1998 - organized team and started to work with own customs and orders for art fretwork;
From 1998 - took part in reconstruction of Voscresensky bridge (white stone) on Manezhnaya square (front portals in marble, portals and cases in white stone in lower stone);
1999 - took part in exhibition "Days of Moscow" in the Vienna, Austria;
From 1999 - constantly took part in in Russia and international exhibitions, denoted design and interior. (Gostinny Dvor, Red Fresh, CDH);
2001 - personal exhibitions.

About this Artist?s Work
The way forms of small and great cases, behind which there is probably something more then simple cases. Something like that happened to me. Different events and cases in my life have formed my consciousness and image. These adventures of my youth, which I remembered with some nostalgia, have formed my creation and style. The soul of a creative person is very vulnerable and painful. He dashes around the time and mazes in searching of the secluded corner to calm down. The Russian North for a long time became for me such a lonely forgotten place.
It's strange that exactly over the polar circle I felt freedom and spirituality, absolutely alone with past and future for hundreds of kilometers from civilization. I could enjoy the ruins of Hyperborea for hours. I could see abandoned island overgrown with moss and lichens, broken stems of trees and gray spots of granite like shadows of heathen gods. I think the Creator obviously liked this place and that's why he has turned over the Earth to make it inaccessible for fussy greedy person of the new epoch. Memory of ages charming your soul which soon will be crushed and destroyed at the Leningradsky station, tormenting by the city till the next springtime. The year has past. And you are here again, beside the boiling foam of Crooked rapids. Your soul is calm again. Again for a time you have put out of the heart your favourite motor-bike and old hardened jacket. You are at your loved island near the old stone idol of Veles, which is pressed from the ground by the rhizome of fallen giant. The white night, the cool shadows show runic pledges on the old stone.
My soul has hidden again at the back of beyond and calmed down?

Other Information

Category: Watercolors


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