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Abdullaeva Shakhnoz

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Born in 1965 in Tashkent. In 1989 she graduated from the Tashkent Institute of Theatre and Arts named after Ostrovsky (Faculty of Book Graphics).
She has participated in the following exhibitions since 1988:
"The Young Artists Show" Tashkent 1988
"Navruz-89" Tashkent 1989
"Exhibition of Graphics at the Cinema House" Tashkent 1989
"Exhibition of Young Artists of Uzbekistan" Bulgaria 1990
"Exhibition of Uzbek Artists" Zamin Gallery England 1991
"Exhibition of Uzbek Artists" Germany 1991
"Navruz-91" Tashkent 1991
"Exhibition dedicated to 550th anniversary of Navoi" Tashkent 1991
"Exhibition Art-Asia" Tashkent 1992
"Exhibition of Young Artists at Sabbai Sayer" Tashkent 1993
"Exhibition of Uzbek Artists" St. Petersbury Russia 1993
"Group exhibition at the United Nations" Tashkent 1993
"Exhibition of Uzbek Artists" Switzerland 1994
"Personal exhibition at Center of People's Traditions and Arts of Uzbekistan" Tashkent 1995
"Exhibition dedicated to 660th anniversary of Amir Timur" Tashkent 1996
"Navruz-96" Tashkent 1996
"Exhibition of Young Artists at the Master Gallery" Tashkent 1996
"Exhibition dedicated to the Independence Day at Theatre Ilkhom" Tashkent 1996
"Exhibition - Akhmarov and the disciples" Real Estate Exchange, Tashkent 1996
"Exhibition of Uzbek Artists" Korea 2002

Some of her works have been sold to the State Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan, Directorate of Art Exhibitions of Tashkent, "Urgench" picture gallery, Picture gallery in Bonn Germany, "Zaman" picture gallery (England), National Bank of Uzbekistan, Uzbek Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Embassies of Japan and Morocco, World Bank office in Uzbekistan and collectors from the USA, Japan, Switzerland, Finland and Saudi Arabia.

A WORD ABOUT SHAKHNOZ ABDULLAEVA. by Kh. Taktash, Doctor of Arts
Central Asia is one of the most ancient cradles of humanity and its civilizations, a land of beautiful and ancient traditions and myths. But only a clear, like diamond, eye of a child or sharp sight of a mature artist are able to make out, to see through the tinsel of everyday life the legendary past in the modern appearances and forms. Not many people can do this.

Shakhoz Abdullaeva, a remarkable artist from Tashkent, is one of those few oracles. She as a master of painting, was brought up by Chinghiz Akhmarov, a teacher of several generations of Uzbek artists, an outstanding master of monumental painting, an excellent graphist. At the Tashkent Institute of Theater and Arts, where Shakhnoz studied in 1983-1989, her principal mentor was V.O. Apukhtin, who has given his apprentice the secrets of understanding and building of a composition on a sheet of paper or a piece of canvas prepared for painting. Shakhnoz has been lucky to avoid the rules of academism, learnt by heart, as well as the monotony of the wingless naturalism. Although it was Ch. Akhmarov who was her principal master and absorbed his talent of many styles and directions, she has managed to keep the image of a great and original master.

The main themes of her works are the women of he East - legendary goddesses, queens, and poetesses. Her spiritual sense is concerned about the theme of angels; she believes that they exist, that the angels are somewhere around us, though, they are invisible. Her works are imbued with the idea of a continuous course of time. In her paintings we can often see the image of the Wheel of Fate of Central Asia arba.

Her paintings attract us with the beauty of refined combinations of colors and, apart from the plot, represent to us something unusual and precious. Shakhnoz, implying her devotion to the traditions and the influence of Ch. Akhmarov, as her master, likes calling herself "a young sprout of the old root" of Middle East and Central Asia.

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Category: Paintings

Media:Oil on Canvas

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