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Anita Saxon

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Anita  Saxon


Why are people attracted to different types of Art and Paintings. Why is it one person may love a painting, whereas another feels disconnected by it. It has fascinated me to find the answer to this question. I feel art affects the emotions, senses, perceptions and overall state of consciousness of our minds. Art invokes, enhances, and fills our senses, or it can shut us off. I have taken painting a step farther to reach a higher state of awareness to embrace this mystery. I am a Medium for color merging light with movement, while entering a deep meditation. I literally dance with color creating tremendous transformation both for myself, as well as for the receiver of my paintings. This eliminates the "Conscious Me," while bridging the gap between illusion and reality. Because I have a deep understanding of how energy, movement, and color work together, I am able to enter the painting on a Soul Level. Upon entering, I let go to the oneness, and allow the messages to come forth. This, in turn, helps others to progress upon their spiritual path. I like to say, when you view my paintings, you reach a higher dimension of reality where "truth" is stated and the veil of illusion is lifted. A different story is told for each person, as passion flows within the colors and textures of each piece. I take no credit for my artwork, as it is divinely inspired. Powerfully manifested and with clear intent, many gifts are given spiritually as well as emotionally and physically.
My work is known as "visionary art." Many people have been "awakened" by the power of these paintings. Certain happenings, concerning illnesses and incidents, have been prevented due to the messages given forth. In one particular painting I did, breast tumors were easily seen, and so therefore, this woman's life was saved. They, also, have promoted healing from peoples' past, through viewing the "whole picture" of their lives. It is through my openness and guidance to walk into my paintings, that has created my ability to work at this level of achievement. I have learned to merge my training as a dancer and healer into art, in order to bring forth the work I am devoted to do. Take time, if you would, to view my artwork and listen to your "Inner Master" to shed light upon your life. Meditate deeply upon these magical paintings and gain greater empowerment.

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Anita Saxon is a Dance Major from The School Of The Arts in NY. Experience in Ballet, Modern, Choreograpy, and Improvisational Dance. She has had 15 years experience as a Healing Touch Practitioner. She has worked with color and painting on and off most of her life. Received training in Art from Bill White at Hollins University in Roanoke VA. She incorporates Dance, energy expertise, and strong spiritual intent within her paintings. She merges dance and color into one allowing Divine Energy to produce her work creating a unique style of art.

Brian J. Hart Galleries: July 2002 Roanoke, VA.

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Category: Paintings

Media:Oil on Canvas

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