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Andrei Dobos

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Date of birth: 15 July 1985

- In the gymnasia school he followed the painting courses of painter Calin Veronica for five years at Pupils club in Bacau
- He transferred and graduated from the "Geoge Apostu" Art High School from Bacau, Romania.
- At present he is a student in the second year at the "George Enescu" University of Plastic Arts from Iasi (Faculty of Fine Arts).

About my work
My work is inspired from the common life is events and it is built on its contradictions that tend to attract. This way my paintings become an allegory of the moments of happiness and the moments of sadness, the moments speared with my friends and the moments of loneliness.

By painting I manage to release of these moments and pass deeper and further in the life. The final painting is a page of history of my life. I am confessing my experiences threw colors, lines and shapes. These elements are meant to wake up a thought, a felling or an emotion so the one that watches the painting can understand me.

Awards and Accomplishments

1991 -Second Prize at drawing contest organized by Red Cross;
1992 -First Prize at drawing contest organized by UNICEF;
1997 -Second Prize at international drawing contest My Dream House, Japan;
1998 -First Prize at the National Olympiad of Plastic Arts, Romania;
1999 -First Prize at drawing campaign-contest "Stop Smoking"; Awards;
2001 -First Prize at the national drawing contest Open doors, Giugiu, Romania;
During the last two years he exposed his works on eBay and on his web site. His paintings were much appreciated and now he has works in private collections from Europe and USA.

Recent Exhibitions and Shows

Group Exhibitions:
1996 - Pogor House, Iasi;
1998 - Hall of "Gheorghe Asachi" library, Iasi;

Personal expositions:
2002 -The National Theatre of Turda;
2000 -"Arts Alliance" Galleries, Cluj. Awards;
1999 -Lagoon Cafe, Cluj;
1998 -The National Theatre of Turda;
1997 -"Paul Sima" Art Gallery;

Other Information

Category: Paintings

Media:Oil on Canvas

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