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Annie Davydchenko

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I was born in 1967. In 1990 I graduated from Samokish academy of art in Simferopol. I took part in a number of art exhibitions in Crimea peninsula in 1998 ? 2002. My artistic nature appeared in my early childhood. Very likely, I inherited the gift from my ancestors. In the 18th century, one of the greatest Russian artists Vasily Tropinin, was a serf of my ancestor count Irakly Ivanovich Morkov (Markov). Until his manumission, Tropinin was a home painter and a teacher of drawing for Count's children. These children are my ancestors. Since those times from generation to generation, there were less or more successful artists in my family. Among the best known of them, there are: Nikolay Bortnikov, Honoured painter of Ukraine and member of All Soviet Union Association of artists. Tatyana Kuznetsova, member of Ukrainian Association of artists. Though many members of the family have not become known, they were good amateurish painters. In 1987 My family moved from Volgograd (Russia) to Crimea peninsula (Ukraine), where we settled in Theodosia town. Since that time I fell in love of the sea. These love I try to show on my numerous seascape and landscape canvases, showing the Black Sea and picturesque surroundings of the Crimea peninsula. In 1990-1994. I worked in in Aivazovsky picture-gallery as restorer. By restoring pictures of I. K. Aivazovsky, I used the opportunity to explore the mystery of this famous seascape painter. In 1994, I founded an art school in Primorsky town, where I taught for some years. I actively participated in the number of the Crimea art exhibitions. I painted a lot and do not limit myself to my favourite seascapes. I actively paint landscapes, still lives and portraits on commission. I am a Member of Theodosia Art Association and member of Kyiv Assembly of Nobility, I am married, have a son. I currently live with Family in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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Category: Paintings

Media:Oil on prepared paper

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