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Andrew Bowerbank

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In 1989 Andrew Bowerbank graduated with honours from the Industrial design program at Humber College. Since this time he has worked to push the limits of his abilities. Immediately after graduation he was hired by a specialized production company as a designer. Within one year he was promoted to manufacturing engineering supervisor. Achieving this promotion in such a short time has set a precedent never before established within this company.
In 1992 Andrew had a new goal. A goal many thought impossible for his background. He wanted to go to teachers College and get his degree in education. Andrew recognized the need for stronger education in the field of design at the high school level. Visual arts was a strong course, but there was no direction for students wanting to combine art, technology, and business. The professors at the University of Western Ontario loved his portfolio and granted Andrew the opportunity to take the grueling eight hour entrance exam. He passed this exam and became one of only two students accepted for specialization in vocational art in the technological studies program.
Upon graduation Andrew was hired immediately by the York Region Separate School Board. He was to teach visual arts and technological studies at M. McGivney High school in Markham, Ontario. Andrew worked hard for his first year, making himself known to staff and students alike. He then took a bold step and put in a proposal for a new course to be taught at the school. The course was Commercial Art and Design and would introduce students to the major areas of graphic, industrial, interior, fashion, and architectural design. The school's administrators were impressed with the proposal and gave him permission to begin the new course. This was the first time in the history of the school board that such a new teacher was given the freedom to develop curriculum.
In 1996 Andrew took a break from teaching to develop other ideas he wished to accomplish. First he concentrated on expanding his freelance art & design work. Then he took a bold step. Andrew had been writing a book off and on for about a year. He considered this book a hobby and worked on it in his spare time without a deadline.
When it was complete, he presented it to a publisher, and to Andrew's surprise, the book was picked up right away and was published in 1997. It was very successful and received great media reviews. The great response triggered the demand for his second book. It also met with great reviews in 1999.
In 1998 Andrew began teaching Industrial Design part time at the college level to subsidize his freelance design concepts for a select clientele. In August 2000, Andrew once again took a new step along his career path. He has now expanded his freelance design work to a full time business called "The Bowerbank Collection". This step comes at the coaxing from friends and associates. He considers this a pivotal move in his life, one that he embraces with full confidence. His new studio is the opportunity he has been waiting for -to amalgamate his business and artistic skills into one venture. In the future, Andrew wants to develop a private post secondary college focusing on teaching craftsmanship and design. the student's work from this college would help feed the gallery with new vibrant work. this would be a dream come true as he amalgamates his three public passions of design, business, and education.
You can view Andrew's portfolio by visiting his website.

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