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The questions start off easy and get harder as they progress. This weeks quiz is especially challenging.

Good Luck! You'll need it!

1. This mural by Leonardo Da Vinci is located in the refectory of the Monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, Italy. What is it called?

A. The Last Temptation of Christ
B. The Resurrection
C. The Betrayal of Christ
D. The Last Supper

2. This watercolor, called "The Reaper" and painted in the 1870s, was made by an American artist whose first was Winslow and who's last name was the same as that of a famous cartoon character. What was the artist's last name?

A. "Bugs" Bunny
B. "Donald" Duck
C. "Homer" Simpson
D. "Mickey" Mouse


3. What type of painting involves the use of powdered pigments mixed with egg yolk applied to a prepared surface, usually a wood panel covered with linen?
A. Acrylic
B. Oil
C. Tempera
D. Water Color

4. What masterpiece was almost destroyed by Napolean's troops in 1796 and by a bomb blast during World War II?
A. The Last Supper
B. The Mona Lisa
C. The frescos of The Sistene Chapel
D. The Burial of Count Orgaz

5. What painting technique uses only grey tones?
A. Gouache
B. Grisaille
C. Enamel
D. Encaustic

6. What style of painting is inspired by the work of Cezanne and developed by painters such as Picasso, George Braque, and Fernand Leger?
A. Impressionism
B. Neo-Expressionism
C. Pop Art
D. Cubism

"Celebes" by Max Ernst
7. What is the meaning of the french term "Dada" that is used to define the work of painters like Marcel Duchamp and Max Ernst during the First World War?
A. Infidel
B. Windmill
C. Hobby Horse
D. Soldier

8. Why was the term "Dada" used?
A. It rhymed with the name of one the artists.
B. It was the name of the Swiss president.
C. As a nonsense term, it described their dissatisfaction with aesthetic norms.
D. The use of repeating syllables emphasized the use of repeating forms.

9. What is the name of this painting?

A. American Beauty
B. American Family
C. American Farmer
D. American Gothic

10. Who Painted it?
A. Grant Wood
B. Georgia O'Keefe
C. Stuart Davis
D. Arthur Dove

How did you do? Check yours answers. Click here!

Source: Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia Deluxe 2000 (for educational purposes only)

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