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1. d) The Eiffel Tower symbolic of the Age of Realism and Technology. It reflects the technology developed during the Industral Revolution.

2. c) The Brighton Pavilion differed in that its Romantic exterior concealed a funcitonal interior.

3. a) Cezanne's goal for Impressionism was make impressionism something as solid and durable as the of the old masters.

4. d) The offical academic art prefer at this time slick, detailed, subtly colored work.

5. d) Post-Impressionism artistic phase followed impressionism

6. c) Life of western man changed by the industry, engineering, and technology growing out of the Industrial Revolution.

7. a) Industry created the lithographs which now collected and seen as art.

8. a) Van Gogh's reality was a foreshadowing of the reality of Sigmund Freud founder of psychoanalysis.

9. b) It was painted by Paul Gauguin entitled "Tahitan Women on the Beach", 1891. It is on display in Paris at the Musee d'Orsay.

10. g) The questions theme was the late 19th century which was also the Post-Impressionist Period.

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1-2 correct: poor - Go to a museum. Read some art books.

3-5 correct: fair - Your learning but still have a long ways to go.

6-7 correct: Good Job! You're a dabbler in the arts.

8-9 correct: Amazing: You know your stuff.

10 correct: Perfect! You are an arts master. You deserve the award.


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