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1. D. Palette. We refer to someone having an educated palette when tasting food as if to suggest our sense of taste can distinguish subtle blends of flavor in the way the artist mixes subtle blends of color. However, one would never eat paint.

2. B. Pastels, the favorite crayon of kids and other finger-smudgers.

3. D. Michelangelo. Leonardo Da Vinci also performed autopsies when he wasn't inventing the heliocoptor or designing models of the solar system. The drawing shown is one of his sketches. (Trick question.)

4. B. Ferrule. The best quality should be seamless and cupro-plated nickel.

5. A. True. Paintings were to be made according to the lessons of the acedemies using time-honored techniques. "Impressions" were mere lazy, formless renderings made, it was felt, without skill.

6. C. Post-modernism. All of the other three were modern movements. Post-modernism never quite reached a complete definition but was loosely based on the idea of combining modern forms with classical elements. Time will tell.

7. B. Rene Magritte in 1928.

8. A. The Laocoon is one of the most prized of the survivng Greek sculptures. It is dated 175- 50BC and was discovered in 1506. It stands 95.5 inches (242cm) high in the Museo Pio Clementino at the Vatican.

9. C. Though innovations in the use of these other elements in painting were no doubt underway in 1425, it was then that the artchitect Brunelleschi used the mathematical laws of applied geometry to create "perspective." Perspective determines the difference in size between objects close to the foreground and those in the background.

10. B. Masacio (1401-1428), also know as "Clumsy Thomas" painted this fresco in the church of Sta Maria Novella, Florence.

Your Score:

1-2 correct: poor - Go to a museum. Read some art books.

3-5 correct: fair - Your learning but still have a long ways to go.

6-7 correct: Good Job! You're a dabbler in the arts.

8-9 correct: Amazing: You know your stuff.

10 correct: Perfect! You are an arts master. You deserve the award.


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