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1.a Mannerism was theartistic movement immediately followed the Renaissance

2.c El Greco painted the "View of Toledo".

3.c The literal meaning of the term "Baroque" is vulgar.

4.c Dali was known for painting in the style of surrealism

5.b During the Reformation in Northern Europe artists mostly painted portraits.

6.c Rembrandt lived and worked in Holland.

7. d Egyptian art lacked perspective and three dimensions in its attempt to represent all elements of a scene

8.b Henry Moore's work is exhibited outside the Ontario Art Gallery in Toronto.

9.a True, any style of painting that evolved following the Renaissance was often looked upon in derision.

10.d It took Michelangelo 4 years to paint to ceiling of the Sistene Chapel.


Your Score:

1-2 correct: poor - Go to a museum. Read some art books.

3-5 correct: fair - Your learning but still have a long ways to go.

6-7 correct: Good Job! You're a dabbler in the arts.

8-9 correct: Amazing: You know your stuff.

10 correct: Perfect! You are an arts master. You deserve the award.


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