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1. A The same painting and palette knives used for oils are suitable for acrylics, provided they are made of stainless steel and not ordinary steel. (Source: Artist's Manual: A Complete Guide to Painting and Drawing Materials and Techniques. Edited by Angela Gair. Chronicle Books, San Francisco, 1995).

2. C. Art nouveau embraced all forms of art and design: architecture, furniture, glassware, graphic design, jewelry, painting, pottery, metalwork, and textiles. This was a sharp contrast to the traditional separation of art into the distinct categories of fine art (painting and sculpture) and applied arts (ceramics, furniture, and other practical objects). (Source:"Art Nouveau," Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2000.)

3. D. Composition is an important aspect of painting, but an over-reliance on mathematical and geometric formulas may result in images which, though competent, are safe and predictable. As Cezanne once said, "When I start thinking, everything is lost." (Source: Artist's Manual, Ibid.)

4. B. In alla-prima painting there is often no preliminary underdrawing or underpainting the idea is to capture the essence of the subject in a bold, intuitive way, using vigorous, expressive brushstrokes and minimal color mixing on the palette or support. (Source: Artist's Manual, Ibid.)

5. D. Ingres has a hard surface and a laid finish, with a neutral pH and suitable for charcoal and chalk, it also has a wide variety of colors. (Source: Artist's Manual, Ibid.)

6. B. Known also as Dionysus, Bacchus was worshipped each Spring in orgiastic festivals to celebrate his rebirth and the rebirth of life.

7. A. Carr is said to have been influenced by impressionism, fauvism, and cubism. "Surge of Spring" is at Christie's in London.

8. D. A popular example of art deco design is the Empire State Building in New York City.

9. D. In 1818. "Art for art's sake" was the slogan of the doctrine known as aestheticism.

10. A. Its roots go back to the Urnfield culture and the Hallstatt culture (8th-6th century BC) at the beginning of the Iron Age.

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