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1. D. It was finally restored after many years in June, 1999.

2. C. The watercolor, called "The Reaper" was painted in the 1870s by an American artist Wilson Homer.

3. C. Tempera involves the use of powdered pigments mixed with egg yolk applied to a prepared surface, usually a wood panel covered with linen

4. A. The Last Supper was almost destroyed by Napolean's troops in 1796 and by a bomb blast during World War II.

5. B. From the French, "gris" meaning grey.

6. D. Cubism was a style of painting is inspired by the work of Cezanne and developed by painters such as Picasso, George Braque, and Fernand Leger

7. C. Hobby Horse is the meaning of the french term "Dada" that is used to define the work of painters like Marcel Duchamp and Max Ernst during the First World War.

8. C. the term "Dada" used as a nonsense term, it described their dissatisfaction with aesthetic norms.

9. D. American Gothic

10. A American Gothic was painted by Grant Wood.

Your Score:

1-2 correct: poor - Go to a museum. Read some art books.

3-5 correct: fair - Your learning but still have a long ways to go.

6-7 correct: Good Job! You're a dabbler in the arts.

8-9 correct: Amazing: You know your stuff.

10 correct: Perfect! You are an arts master. You deserve the award.


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